Hello, I am Jeffrey Faulkner, SOFREEDIDIT.

One day it just clicked...being a man of many talents, he decided to get more serious. Self taught, no schooling or education, SoFreeDidit has learned and continues to learn all things involving photo, audio, and video.


He started in 2002 recording audio in Acid Pro and later switched to Pro Tools. Being an artist is quite expensive, so in order to save money he learned how to record, mix, and master his own music. In doing so, he began to record others. Song by song, project after project, he began to grow and get better.


He started taking pictures in 2010. Not on a professional level, but having his own artists and label, its easier to learn to do everything and save money in every area you can. He started capturing portraits in 2017 off a Canon T3i he purchased in 2010. In 2020 he decided to get more serious about photography. With his latest purchase of a

Canon R5 his quality will compete with the top



In 2010 he shot his first music video. Not knowing

what he was doing, he took a chance and shot

"I Love That Girl" by JeffSoFree. The video turned

out great and from there he's been shooting music

​videos and wedding trailers for others.


“Yes!!! I love them!!! Thank you so much for all your help!!!”

“SoFreeDidIt you did a fire job bringing my idea to life! Love the pictures.”

“Jeff thank you so much. You did an amazing job!”

“Love every last one of them!!! Thank you so much!!!”

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